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"Listening to music - understanding music - creating music" with ROBERT POBITSCHKA

10 to 17 July 2016 at the Mayor's Office Drosendorf - Piano Room, at St. Martin's Church, along the banks of river Thaya

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Dozent: Mag. Robert Pobitschka, composer, pianist, intendant of Int. Summer Academy Drosendorf

Robert Pobitschka: "In famous conductor and musicologist Ernest Ansermet’s definition people conceive music long before they reflect on it in definitions. This raises the question after the first origin of music. At least, one could conclude that the rules and forms we observe in music follow music and not the other way round! This is certainly the case, when a genious perceives a composition in the depth of his or her soul. A admit, the other way - starting with learning the rules - is more practical and realistic for most other people.


The idea of music existing before any definitions or rules becomes more evident, when we think of the fact, that most people experience music on a purely emotional level. They are touched, get by listening to music into states of happiness, sadness, euphoria etc. Not everything we feel when we listen to music can or shall be described. But if we do so, we find ourselves surprised, how strongly our feelings are related to the forms, definitions and rules of music, such as relationships between tones, rhythms, colours of instruments. 


Music existing before any definitions: One cold go even further and say, that since the crisis of western religion began, many musicians as well as other artists claim to be mediators between metaphysical or archetypal spheres and humans. Many of the great composers therefore try consciously to connect this invisible, maybe metaphysical impulse “music” to different states of our human souls and human feelings. They lead their audience through complex developments. In the end they can help us to find answers to many of our dilemmas and to achieve resolutions and healing of many of our problems.

During this seminar Austrian composer and pianist Robert Pobitschka presents and analyses prominent examples from European music. He also aims to help  the participant’s own creativity to express and to develop. All musical samples will be played by Robert Pobitschka on the piano. The class addresses all people who love to listen to music as well as instrumentalists - professionals and amateurs - and raises the following issues:

Songs and opera: They consist of music and text. So we can rather easily follow a synchronicity between the two: The emotional and mental content is already shown in the lyrics. Samples are Robert Schumann's song cycle „Dichterliebe“ and „Isoldes love death“ from Richard Wagner's opera „Tristan und Isolde“ 

Instrumental music: Chopin's "Nocturnes" and "Clair de lune" by Debussy as stimulators of emotions and creators inner spaces

Journey into the world of abstraction: some fugues from Bach's "Well tempered piano"

Experiment: participants compose their own musical piece. 

Knowledge of musical notes or a musical instrument is welcome but not condition for the participation in the class.


Sunday, 10 July, 16.30 hrs: Opening concert at Drosendorf Castle Court Yard - Robert Pobitschka, accompanied by Eroica Symphony Orchestra under Erich Binder, interprets Mozart's piano concert A major KV 488. After the concert welcome of the participants


Monday, 11 until Friday, 15 July:

10.00 to 13.00 and 17.00 to 19.00 lectures and exercises individually as well as in groups

Saturday, 16 July final presentation

Sunday, 17 July departure 



Robert Pobitschka 

After completing his law degree at the University of Vienna Robert Pobitschka dedicated all his energy to continue his musical studies. He became student of Tatjana Kravtchenko at St. Petersburger State Conservatory and participated in master classes with Lisa Leonskaja und Lew Naumov at the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival.

Since then Robert Pobitschka has had success at important venues such as Brucknerhaus in Linz, Vienna Konzerthaus & Musikverein,  Prague Philharmonic Hall "Rudolfinum" or Minoritensaal in Graz. He performed as a soloist at the Opening Orchestra Concert of the Haydn Festival in Dolni Lukavice, Czech Republik, and was twice guest at the prestigious Eisenstadt Haydn Festival. He appeared at Wiener Kulturtage in Berlin and Potsdam, at the festival "Evenings in Monrepos" in Vyborg/Carelia and at Semmering Festival "Sommertraum" in Austria. He was invited by Vladimir Spiwakov Foundation to give a recital in Moscow. He gave concerts in Italy, Germany, Russia, Czech Republik, Hungary, South Africa, Peru, USA, Japan and China. Broadcasts with Bavarian Radio BR, Austrian Radio ORF, CTV Peru, CCTV China, Sender Freies Berlin as well as other stations. He is director of the concert series "Kerzenlicht-Konzerte"/Lower Austria, founder and director of International Summer Academy Drosendorf and President of UNESCO Club Vienna.

His own compositions highlight important aspects of society as well as the destruction of nature by human impact.  His oratory “Atlantia awakes” for soprano, baritone choir and orchestra after a libretto by Fran Eve Wright highlights our responsibility for the environment. It was performed by the Radio  Symphony Orchestra Vienna and the Vienna Chamber Choir. “Kyrie eleison - dedicated to Nature” for soprano and strings was first performed on International Earth Day of the United Nations in Vienna as a ballet. Other compositions include works for orchestra, voice as well as piano pieces. In 2012 he completed his opera "Sancti Magni Vita" after a libretto by Richard Bletschacher and his piano concerto "Deep Blue" after a poem by Fran Eve Wright was first performed on 10 August 2015 at the renowned music festival “Carinthisan Summer” in Austria. Also in 2015 the first performance of his composition for organ “Novalis” took place during the Novalis Art Project in Thüringen/Germany. He is member of the Austrian composer’s association ÖGZM.


















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