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Application Form

The INTERNATIONAL SUMMER ACADEMY DROSENDORF takes place from 10 to 24 July 2016. The opening ceremony starts Sunday 10 July at 16.30 hrs at Drosendorf Castle Court Yard. Program under Events

Dates of the classes:

- "Acting Class" with Katharina Stemberger: 17 to 24 July

- "Chanson" with Sandra Kreisler: 17 to 24 July

- "Listening to music - understanding music - creating music" with Robert Pobitschka: 10 to 17 July

- "herbs in the region" dates will be announced soon

Sundays are reserved for arrival and departure, as well as for welcome ceremonies. The dates for the final presentations of the participants please, find under Events. The exact times for the lessons will be determined by the lecturer on the first day.   


Limitations of age.  There are no limitations of age 


Fees.  The fees  include active participation in the class as well as the right to listen to all the other classes.

The fee for all one week classes is 350.- for the entire duration of the class.

The fee for the class "Herbs in the region" is 70.- per day. 

Hotel rooms and meals are not included in the fees. If requested, International Summer Academy Drosendorf will book hotel rooms for the participants. The bill for rooms must be set directly with the hotel.


Bank transfer of fees. Immediately after their application has been accepted by the organizer, participants must transfer 20% of the fee to the organizer's account (see below), otherwise,  the application extinguishes. The entire fee must be paid the latest, three days before the class starts. In case of non payment the organizer can exclude the participant. In case a participant is hindered to take part in the course because of reasons outside his own consideration, fees can be claimed back. The 20% of the fee  transferred together with the application in any case cannot be claimed back. As off the first day of the course, fees cannot be claimed back any more.

Please, transfer the fees  - free of charges for the recipient - to account: 


Stadtgemeinde Drosendorf 

BIC: SPHNAT21XXX   IBAN: AT39 2022 1004 0009 5006  (Bank: Sparkasse Horn)


Reimbursement of fees in case of cancellation of a class. If, by 1 June 2013 the minimum number of participants for one of the classes is not reached, the organizer has the right to cancel this class. In such a case, all payments - including the 20%  of the fee transferred together with the application - will be reimbursed to to applicants. Any compensation for any of the applicant's other expenses, such as travel tickets or reservations, is excluded. To save the advantage of of early booking of travel tickets, all participants will be informed immediately after the minimum number is reached and their course is secured.


All participants are obliged to compensate for any damage caused by themselves. Participants, who actively take part in any of the performances organized by INTERNATIONAL SUMMER ACADEMY  DROSENDORF are not entitled to any form of honorary or other payment. They furthermore, give their permission to take photographs and recordings in any form. Any of these photographs and recordings can be used freely by the organizer.

All participants agree to respectful interaction with the other students in their classes as well as the teachers and organizers of INTERNATIONAL SUMMER ACADEMY  DROSENDORF and all other persons present.












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